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I am often asked, “How many sessions do I need?”    If you are working on a particular issue, it depends on what is there to clear, how able you are to let it go, and also how many areas of your life you want to shift.   Each session will make big changes and will positively affect all areas of your life.   

You have an entire lifetime of experiences, right?    We will clear a great deal in each session, and we can resolve an issue in one session.   Please realize you have a lifetime of things that have happened that create your life as you know it, and it can take a little time to get everything resolved, or one issue completely cleared.   You WILL have positive and tangible results from each session.

Healing is a journey.   

Investing in yourself is a powerful choice that will pay off for you in increased happiness and abundance in all ways.    

What is it costing you to keep things the way they are?   What is it worth to you to have the change you’re wanting?   

*** Kindly submit payment prior to session time.   Please note that in order to receive package discounts, they must be paid upfront and in full.***

Intuitive Energy Clearing – 60 minutes


Let’s pull you out of you emotional quicksand!

These sessions take all of my experience, training, and natural intuitive ability and combine it into one modality.   How these sessions go will depend on what you want to address.   We will use the type of clearing needed to clear whatever is blocking you.    Different issues require different techniques, which is why I have spent the last 28 years learning all I can.   In these types of sessions, I will teach you many of the tools I use so you can use them, too.    I love each modality I have learned, but these sessions are my favorite as I can combine all the tools I have to most serve you for what you need.


THREE 60-minute Intuitive Energy Clearing sessions package


Get out of your quicksand and STAY OUT!

Sessions are by phone, Zoom, Skype.   I work with people all over the world.

Please call or text to 856-298-1293 or go to Schedule/Contact Lisa page for appointment times.   I’m excited to support you on your journey of growth and healing!