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I am often asked, “How many sessions do I need?”    If you are working on a particular issue, it depends on what is there to clear, and also how many areas of your life you want to shift.   Each session will make big changes and will positively affect all areas of your life.   

You have an entire lifetime of “stuff,” right?    We will clear a great deal, and we can often resolve an issue in one session, but realize, you have a lifetime of stuff and it might take a little time to get everything resolved.  You WILL have positive results from each session.

 Healing is a journey.   

 Investing in yourself is a powerful choice that will pay off for you in increased happiness in all ways.    

What is it costing you to keep things the way they are?   What is it worth to you to have the change you’re wanting?   

*** Kindly submit payment prior to session time.   Please note that in order to receive package discounts, they must be paid upfront and in full.***

Emotion Code or Body Code –  60 minutes $100.00

When we experience emotional events and our body can’t process the emotions we are feeling, they can become trapped as a ball of energy, disrupting the natural flow of energy in our body. They can cause us to experience that emotion on a frequent basis, being easily triggered, thus creating more circumstances that cause negative feelings. They can cause body discomfort and dis-ease, anxiety, depression, anger, heartache.  Emotions can also be inherited and/or absorbed from others.  You will feel lighter and happier after a session.  You will find yourself  less reactive to stresses and triggers.

Intuitive Energy Clearing – 60 minutes $120.00

These sessions take all of my experience, training and natural intuitive ability and combine it into one modality.   How these sessions go will depend on what you want to address.   We will use the type of clearing needed to clear whatever is blocking you.    Different issues require different techniques, which is why I have spent the last 28 years learning all I can.   In these types of sessions, I will teach you many of the tools I use so you can use them, too.    I love each modality I have learned, but these sessions are my favorite as I can combine all the tools I have to most serve you for what you need.


THREE 60-minute sessions package, Emotion Code or Body Code $285.00

THREE 60-minute sessions package, Intuitive Energy Clearing $325.00 


These clearings are vast and cover many different types of energies that weigh you down and hold you back.  If it seems that you can’t change something no matter what you’ve tried, this could be for you. This work is done remotely only.  Personal clearings include clearing and opening your personal money lines.  If you’ve ever had a time when your energy was low – concussion, surgery, accident, death of someone close, drug or alcohol use, major trauma, anesthesia, injury, chronic stress – you may have attracted unwanted energies. In both personal and business clearings, I check for and clear over 150 energies that are blocking your success, your life, your relationships.


Business clearings (brick-and-mortar location and/or your “business” itself) include clearing money lines for increased income and sales.  Clear heavy or stuck energy, energetic residue, chaotic energy (happens in a high foot traffic area), resulting in higher productivity, more sales, happier workspace, happy employees, and energy that feels light, clean, and good.


How does your home feel to you?  You notice when you walk into a room whether it feels good, light and clean or not, right?  I’ll clear your home from the energy of old emotions and arguments, battleground energies, geographic stress, heavy energies, rooms that feel “haunted,” stagnant energy, etc.    Your home will feel restful and peaceful for you and your family.  If you are selling your home or business, a clearing will aid in a quicker and easier sale.


Sessions can be in person or Skype, phone, or remotely with results sent by email.    I work with people all over the world.

Office location:  The Center, Life in Balance, 45 South Main Street, Medford, New Jersey 08055.

My space is on the third floor.   If you can’t climb stairs, I can make other accommodations.

Please call 856-298-1293 or email me at for your appointment.   I’m excited to support you on your journey of growth and healing!