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About Lisa

Lisa C. Anderson, known as The Healer’s Healer, has decades of miracle-inducing experience. Her clients regularly experience incredible wins, such as manifesting large sums of money out of the blue, meeting their soul mates, healing chronic health issues, improving their self-worth, and so much more! Her journey began when, in her early 20s, she had…


How you benefit from this work:   I help you solve your problems by clearing the patterns and blocks that created them!   What does that look like for YOU?     * Clear blocks to love, money, health, business, relationships, etc.  * Deepen your connection with your own Inner Guidance and Intuitive abilities * Increase…

Work With Me

Please read the following before scheduling with me: Currently I am only working with private clients in my signature 4-month training, Everyday Freedom.   In this customized healing container, we begin by releasing all the blocks that don’t allow you to get out of your own way.   By the end of our time together, we will…

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Sessions & Programs Join Lisa C. Anderson on her Healer’s Healer Programs & Sessions today! You can contact Lisa C. Anderson if you have any questions about sessions & programs.  Please fill out the contact form below.  

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