I provide solutions to your problems by clearing the emotional patterns and blocks that created them. 

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.”  Einstein

"Lisa is amazing and has helped me in more ways than I even understand. Sessions with Lisa always leave me feeling calmer, less stressed and emotionally stronger...."

Christine P.

What Does That Look Like For YOU?


Clear Your Blocks!

Clear blocks to love, money, health, business, relationships, etc.


Deepen Your Inner Connection!

Deepen your connection with your Soul’s Inner Guidance and Intuitive abilities


Have More Money!

Increase your money attraction point and abundance


Be Powerful!

Step into your greatness, let go of playing small and hiding from your own life


Trust Your Intuitive Answers!

Know the Truth



Increase your joy and happiness levels


Be Drama Free!

Release and clear drama, trauma, emotional wounds, chaos, and old hurts


Light from Darkness!

Clear “dark,” heaviness, and energies that block you


Goodbye Stress!

Go from stressed to blessed



Be your most confident self


Loving Family!

Upgrade family and relationship dynamics for more ease, joy, love and fun


Better Health!

Create new healthy patterns and habits – clear emotions so your body can heal itself


Self Love!

Love yourself more.  Loving yourself = life loves you, too 


Manifest Your Desires!

Learn tools to quickly manifest what you want


Be the Light!

Feel lighter, brighter and happier


Sleep Better

Get better sleep and feel better in your body



You are free of baggage and you can create your dreams


More Fun!

Have more fun in life

My Goal is to Empower YOU!

I work with anyone who is open to working with energetic tools who desires more happiness, more love, more goodness in every way – a fabulous life!

In my 4-month Everyday Freedom Program, you will receive clearings in sessions and receive tools and skills you can use for yourself and loved ones.

In my 10-Week Tranformation Intensive, you will receive deep and profound clearings that will change you in such a way that your life will shift in multiple miraculous and happy ways.

If you have challenges in your life that stay the same or keep showing up again and again, contact me!  I would love to support you in having your desired life!


What Clients Are Saying

I have invested so much time and money in buying so many summit packages and having 1:1 sessions with so many healers and while I really enjoyed and thought they moved so much, it all seemed to unravel after a week or so. I have continued following energy and coaching strategies, learning so much. With Lisa, it seemed to be at a higher level but deeper reaching. For example, grounding didn't seem to work - Lisa found I needed 8 grounding templates, and lots of other things had happened as my little self tried to protect itself from what it knew shouldn't be happening .... Lisa is great to work with, listens and gives great feedback as she works. Thank you so much Lisa!

Jessie Scott

Wow, Lisa, your magic strikes again! Within 24 hours of listening to your group call about money, I had a client show up out of nowhere and book over $3,000 in private sessions. I love how fast you are able to bring miracles into my life! Thank you!


After you did magnificent healing for me in regards to the trauma I experienced from my friend's death... things have gotten much better with the family and I am not plagued by negative thoughts/ feelings... I actually had a nice visit with her husband and children/ grandchild... Something I thought was impossible...I am so thankful for your support and wanted you to know about the unusual turnaround in circumstances....from such painful feelings to amazement and joy!

Lee R.

"My initial contact with Lisa was through a 30-day remote healing. For a few years now I've been wanting to start working as a healer but for some reason the courage to do so seemed to slip through my fingers. About a week or so into the healing strange "coincidences" started happening. I started meeting like-minded people who were also on the same path. All of a sudden the right courses started finding their way to me and although I was pretty excited by now something seemed to be missing. Whenever I thought about starting all those doubts and fears starting coming up. My one-hour session with Lisa was amazing! One of the first things we tackled was precisely this fear of moving forward in this area. We realised that I'd been hung and guillotined in many lifetimes for working in the spiritual area. I felt immediate relief after Lisa cleared this. The rest of the session pretty much flew by but I was delighted that practically everything I had wanted Lisa to clear was cleared. A big one for me was finances. Results: The very next day I started speaking to people about what I do and the fear was completely gone. I started receiving insights about how I can start to share my spiritual gifts with others and be remunerated for it. Now when people hear about my work they ask for for help and immediately talk about payment. In the past it was assumed that I would "offer" my services for free. I've become a lot more confident in my work and now that my doubts and fears have been cleared up I notice that my skills are improving day by day! As for my finances, well let's say that the results range from not worrying about where the money is going to come from (the initial result) to receiving a steady flow of my regular work and more and more people contacting me for spiritual clearings, etc. The difficulty now is in juggling everything. I've even been toying with the idea of booking another session with Lisa and asking her to create a clone to help me!!! lol I am profoundly grateful to Lisa and consider her to be the "wind beneath my wings". All I have to decide is the next destination! ;-)" Deep, deep gratitude to you, Lisa 🙏🙏🙏